Meanings of ACT: appear, behave, produce effect

Uses of verb ACT in English

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The English verb ACT is used in many situations with a number of meanings.

Here are a few examples:


1 behave in a certain way

  • – When she saw the accident she acted quickly to help the people and call an ambulance
  • – He acted bravely to go into the fire to rescue the boy

2 produce an effect, work

  • – Intravenous pain-killers act very quickly
  • – ABS brake systems act within milliseconds of the brakes locking

3 behave or comport oneself

  • – He’s the youngest in the team but acts like a natural leader.

4 appear or seem to be

  • – He acts very brave but actually he’s a big coward
  • – The mother acted very strongly in public after her son died, but privately she was devastated.

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