Expressions with BOOK 1: closed book, throw the book, to book, take a leaf

 Throw the book at someone, book a hotel, closed book


Is a BOOK just something to read?

The English word book is used in many situations with a number of meanings.

Here are a few examples:

a closed book

– a subject about which one knows little

  • – Philosophy is a closed book for me, so don’t ask me questions about it


take a leaf out of someone’s book

– behave as someone else has done, or would probably do

  • – You should take a leaf out of your grandfather’s book, he always saved 10% of his salary for unforeseen events.


Throw the book at someone

– The police or judge make all the possible charges against someone

  • – The police threw the book at the driver who went through the redlights causing the death of two pedestrians


book (v)

1 reserve, arrange in advance

  • – We booked our hotel for the conference 6 months before

2 make charges against

  • – The police booked the man for speeding
  • – The footballer was booked, with a yellow card, for protesting.

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