Expressions with DARK; in the dark, dark horse, darkroom


Meaning of expressions with DARK

In this English vocabulary dictionary item we have a few uses of DARK

dark (adj)

1 tending towards black, (opp light)

  • – he always dresses in dark clothes. Today he’s wearing a dark blue suit and a black shirt

2 partly or completely without light

  • – It’s very dark in here. Can you switch the light on, please?
  • – In January it gets dark at 5.00pm


dark (n)

– the absence of light, darkness

  • – Some animals can see in the dark
  • – My children aren’t afraid of the dark


in the dark

1 in secret

  • – Apple did a lot of their preparation work in the dark

2 without informing, without knowledge

  • – The government kept the public in the dark about the agreement
  • – When John died his family discovered that he was very rich, he had kept them in the dark about his fortune.


dark horse

– a competitor, about whom we have little information, who could do well

  • – Alberto is the favourite but Serge could be the dark horse in the race as he has been training at altitude



– a room with no light where photographs can be developed

  • – With digital cameras not many people use darkrooms any more

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