Expressions with JUMP 2; jump the gun, jumped up, a jump ahead


Idiomatic vocabulary with JUMP: a jump ahead, jump to it, jump the gun, jumped up


Jump to it

- hurry

  • · Come on Harry, jump to it! I don’t want to miss the train

Jump the gun

-start something (a race) too soon

  • · Keinyo jumped the gun and the race had to be restarted
  • · Don’t put your jackets on yet, the class hasn’t finished so don’t jump the gun

be/stay one jump ahead

- get information before others and act on that knowledge

  • · The club chairman was a personal friend of the footballer’s father so he was one jump ahead of the other clubs when he bought the star forward.
  • · The bank robbers always stayed one jump ahead of the police until they were finally caught in South America.

Jumped-up (adj)

-having an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance

  • · John? Well he’s become very jumped up after he won some money on the lottery. He doesn’t want to come to the pub with us any more.
  • · Who would think that she was the daughter of a mechanic? She’s very jumped up now that she has married into money. Fortunately her children have got their feet on the ground.

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