Expressions with LOVE 2;love affair, not for love or money


No love lost between, lovesick, love affair, not for love nor money


LOVE is arguably the most emotionally charged word in the English language and because of this it is found in a number of expressions, in songs, in poetry and in literature.

no love lost between

- no friendship between

  • - there’s no love lost between AC Milan fans and Inter Milan fans

Not for love nor money

not by any means, impossible to get or do

  • - You can’t get tickets to the Rolling Stones concert for love nor money


- sad or sick because of unreturned love, expressing such sadness

  • - Mary was a lovesick bride, she loved the king very much but he didn’t return her love.

Love affair (or affair)

- love and/or sexual relationship between two people in which one or both may be married to another person

  •  - Prince Charles married Lady Diana even though he continued his love affair with Camilla Parker Bowles who was married.


- not giving or receiving love; without love

  • Prince Guillaume and the Princess Ekaterina married as a type of political alliance, but it was a loveless marriage.

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