MAN: as one man, man and boy, man in the street, man of one’s word, of the world

Expressions:MAN, man of the world, man in the street, man and boy,man of one’s word, as one man


as one man

– with the agreement of everybody

  • – After the convincing speech of the President, they voted as one man for the new reform

man and boy

– all one’s life

  • – He was born in Cambridge and lived there man and boy until his death.

The man in the street

– idea of the average person who represents the opinion of the majority

  • – Many politicians are out of touch with the man in the street

man of one’s word

– person who keeps promises

  • – James told me he’d help, I believe him because he is a man of his word

man of the world

– person with experience who knows how people behave

  • – Colin is much more a man of the world now than when he was 10 years ago

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