FALL 1: expressions fall flat, fall foul of, fall over backwards


Meaning of FALL over backwards, fall flat

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1 take on a look of sadness, disappointment, shame

  • – Her face fell when I told her the bad news

2 become lower in level, degree or quantity

  • – the temperature fell 10ºC overnight
  • – our voices fell to a whisper so we couldn’t be overheard


fall flat

– fail to produce the desired effect or result

  • – Harry’s jokes fell flat, nobody found them funny


fall foul of

– argue, fight or get into a bad relationship with

  • – I don’t want to fall foul of the police


fall over backwards to do something

– be very eager, or too eager, to do something

  • – The students were falling over backwards to make the new Maths teacher like them


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