Meaning of reason, beyond reason, with reason, stand to reason

 Meaning of English expressions: reason, stand to reason, beyond reason, listen to reason

Reason (n)

1- the cause of

  • – The reason for the flood was the heavy rain in the last few days

2- the explanation for an action

  • – He owes me money from last year, this is the reason why I won’t help him

3- cause of an intention

  • – What is your reason for emigrating to the USA?

Beyond all reason

much more than is sensible

  • – Their demands go beyond all reason!

Stand to reason

clear to all sensible people

  • – It stands to reason that she won’t work if we don’t pay her.

Listen to/hear reason

allow oneself to be persuaded by good advice

  • – Let’s not get emotional about this, we must listen to reason

with reason


  • – He thinks, with reason, that my mother doesn’t like him

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