BOOK 4: bookmark, book token, in my good books, bookworm


Expressions and vocabulary with BOOK

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The English word book is used in many situations with a number of meanings:

bookmark (n)

– something put between the pages of a book to mark a page

  • – The bookmark fell out of the book and Mark couldn’t find the page he wanted

in someone’s good books

– in favour with someone

  • – I’m in Mum’s good books because I helped her to do the gardening.

Book token

– a small card, or voucher, that can be exchanged for books at a bookshop

  • – I always give my grandchildren a book token for their birthdays so that they can choose a book they like

bookworm (n)

1 an insect that eats the binding and paste of a book.

2 a person who is very fond, perhaps overly so, of reading and study

  • – Geoffrey is a real bookworm, I’m not sure that he’s capable of holding a conversation.

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