Meaning of BOOK 3: booking, bookmaker, bookkeeper, booking office


Idioms and expressions: booking office, bookmaker, booking, bookkeeper

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The English word book is used in many situations with a number of meanings:

Booking (n)

- the act of booking something

  • - All bookings must be confirmed 3 days before arrival.

booking office

- an office where tickets are sold

  • - We find it much easier to go to the Booking Office at the station, the people are very helpful.
  • - Sometimes you can get cheap tickets at the theatre Booking office 1 hour before the performance.

bookkeeper (n)

- person who keeps the financial accounts of a business

  • - My mother is the bookkeeper for Standings Ltd

bookmaker (n)

- person or establishment that accepts money (bets) risked on the results of competitions

  • - James placed a bet of 100€ with an online bookmaker, he was convinced that Chelsea would win the Champions League 3-1 against Barcelona.

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