Meaning of: QUESTION, call into, out of the, a question mark

Expressions: call into question, out of the question, a question of, no question of, question mark

What is the meaning of these expressions with QUESTION?

call into question

raise doubts about something

  • – When the politician bought a luxury house his honesty was called into question.

Out of the question


  • – Their victory seems out of the question, their 5 best players are injured.

A question of

a matter

  • – If it’s only a question of one hour, I can look after your children.
  • – I can pay for the repair, if it’s a question of money.

Question mark (fig)


  • – There’s a question mark hanging over the future of the company. Their sales have decreased 45%

no question of

no possibility of

  • – If my flight doesn’t arrive before 8.00am there’s no question of me being in the meeting at 8.15

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