Expressions with HALF 1: better half, go halves, too clever by half, by halves

 Meaning of: by halves, too clever by half, go halves, better half

HALF 2 <<<<<

by halves

– in part, incompletely

  • – You haven’t finished tidying your room. Why do you always do things by halves?


Go halves (infml)

– share equally (the cost)

  • – I can’t let you pay for everything, let’s go halves.


(my) better half (humour)

– one’s husband or wife

  • – Have you met my better half? This is my wife, Gemma.


Too clever by half

– so sure of one’s cleverness that people don’t like it

  • – That Tom is too clever by half, it almost seems like he wanted to humiliate my mother.

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