FALL 2: fall short, fall back, fall back on, fall about

Meaning of fall about, fall back, fall short, fall back on

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fall short

– fail to reach a desired result, target

  • – They wanted to 100 tons per month but they have fallen short by 10%


fall about

– to lose control of yourself (with laughter)

  • – We all fell about (laughing) when the clown started his act


fall back

– move or turn back, lose one’s strategic position

  • the enemy troops fell back when the desert storm prevented their progress
  • the crowd fell back to let the ambulance pass


fall back on

– use when there is a failure or lack of other means

  • -In December we had a lot of extra expenses so we had to fall back on our savings
  • – Some doctors recommend falling back on old cures

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