Meaning of expressions with JOB

Idiomatic expressions  with JOB:

good job, bad job, out of a job, jobs for the boys

a job

– sthg hard to do

  • It was a real job to get the children ready to leave at 6.00am

out of a job

– unemployed

  • – My company closed so now I’m out of job

a good job

a good thing

  • – It’s a good job I brought my umbrella, it looks like it’s going to rain!

Make the best of a bad job

do as well as possible in unfavourable conditions

  • – We forgot to buy Mozzarella cheese for the pizza, we’ll just have to make the best of a bad job.

Give up sthg as a bad job

decide that nothing more can be done to improve sthg

  • – We gave the interview up as a bad job, Smith obviously didn’t have the information that we needed.

Jobs for the boys

employment for one’s supporters or friends.

  • – The new committee has contracted the boss’s cousin and two school friends, sounds like jobs for the boys to me!!


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