SIT 1 – idioms; sit pretty, sit tight, sit back, sit on one’s hands

Expressions and meanings of sit back, sit tight, sit on hands, sit pretty

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Here are some examples of English expressions with the verb SIT.

sit on one’s hands

– take no action

  • – The boss knew the company had problems, but he just sat on his hands hoping the problem would disappear


sit pretty

– to be in a very good position

  • – With record sales and better efficiency the company are sitting pretty


sit tight

– keep in the same position, not move

  • – OK John the rescue team have located you from the helicopter, now just sit tight and wait for our team to arrive.
  • – The company shares have gone down but I’m going to sit tight on mine, I’m sure that next week they will rise again


sit back

– take no more active part, rest

  • – Emili finished making the exquisite meal then sat back while his brothers washed the dishes
  • – They are going to post another video on YouTube, then they’ll sit back and enjoy seeing the number of views increase every hour.

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