SIT 2 – idioms; sit by, sit for, sit-down, sit in

 Meaning of IDIOMS sit in, sit for, sit by, sit-down

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Sit by

– fail to take proper and needed action

  • – The neighbours sat by and ignored the fact that the old lady was getting thinner and thinner

sit for

– prepare to take an examination

  • – He sat for the Cambridge entrance exams but failed to get a place

sit-down (n)

1 strike where workers refuse to move until their demands are met

  • – The office held a sit-down strike until the company installed proper ventilation

2 where people sit rather than stand at a meal

  • – This year the company organised a buffet dinner, last year it was a sit-down dinner which was too formal

sit in (adv)

– take another’s place in a job or meeting

  • – As the president is in Brussels, the vice-president is standing in for him in today’s meeting
  • – I have to stand in for Mr Smith in his Geography classes this afternoon

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