SIT 3 – sit on, sit out,sit-up, sit in on

 Meaning of English idioms: sit in on, sit out, sit-up, sit on

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Here are some examples of English expressions with the verb SIT.

sit in on

– attend without taking active part.

  • – Citizens can sit in on the town Council meetings

sit on

– delay taking action on

  • – We want to expand our factory but the local planning committee have been sitting on our plans for 4 months

sit out

1 to remain seated during, not take part in

  • – My feet are very painful, so I’m sitting out these last dances

2 (also sit through) stay until the end, esp. without enjoyment

  • – The meeting was very boring but I sat it out to the end
  • – There’s nothing worse than sitting through a planning committee meeting

sit-up (n)

– a training movement when you sit up from a lying position to exercise back and abdominal muscles

  • – John does 50 sit-ups every morning

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