WAIT: wait turn, wait up, lie in wait, waiting list, waiting room

Meaning of WAIT: waiting room, lie in wait, wait your turn, waiting list, wait up

lie in wait

hide, waiting to attack or surprise

  • – the thieves were lying in wait for the rich man to open the house door before they attacked him.

wait one’s turn

not act until the right or assigned moment

  • – I’m sorry Johnny but you have to wait your turn. I promised Max that he would be the first to play the new computer game.

Waiting list

list of people who want something (tickets, jobs)

  • – I’m the first on the waiting list for the new flats when they are finished
  • – We’re sorry sir but we don’t have any more i-phones in stock. Do you want us to put you on the waiting list?

Wait up

delay going to bed

  • – Even though it was 11 o’clock, my wife let my children wait up for me when I returned from the convention.

waiting room

a room for people waiting (for a train, to see a Dr. etc)

  • – The receptionist told me to sit in the waiting room until I was called into the doctor’s consulting room


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