Expressions with KILL; kill time, kill 2 birds, dress to kill,

Meaning of idioms with KILL

kill 2 birds with 1 stone, kill time, dress to kill

Kill (v)

1 hurt very much (fig)

  • – My new shoes are killing me

2 destroy or spoil the effect of

  • – The bright fluorescent green shoes killed the quiet colour of her dress

kill time

– make free time pass by finding sthg to do

  • – The train journey would have been very tedious if he hadn’t killed time with an interesting novel.

Kill two birds with one stone

– get 2 good results from one action

  • – When I was in London for the conference I went to visit an old school friend; I killed 2 birds with one stone

dressed to kill

– dress in your best clothes in order to be admired

  • – Julia dressed to kill at the film premier, she was hoping to be noticed by the director


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