Expressions with HALF 3: half-mast, half-brother, half-hearted, half-baked

Meaning of English idioms HALF- baked, half-mast, half hearted and half-sister/brother

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Half-baked (adj)

- stupid, not sensible, without planned judgement

  • - Whose half-baked idea was it to call a meeting at the same time as the World Cup final?


Half-hearted (adj)

- demonstrating little effort and no real interest

  • - He made a very half-hearted attempt to apologise to the teacher for being late.


Half-mast (adj)

1 flag doesn’t fly at the top of the flagpole

  • - After the death of the ex-president government buildings kept the flag at half-mast for one week

2 too short (humour)

  • - John! Your trousers are at half-mast, who died?


Half-sister/ half-brother

- brother/sister related only through one parent, not both

  • - Lisa is my half-sister. She is my father’s daughter from his second marriage

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