Vocabulary HALF 4; half time, halfway, meet halfway, meet trouble halfway

Meaning of expressions with HALF: half way, half time

HALF 1 <<<<<    >>>>> HALF 2

half time

the interval between 2 parts of a game

At half-time Chelsea are winning 2 – nil. In the second half Arsenal will have to play better



1 midpoint between 2 things

  • - They are at the halfway point in the negotiations, they should finish this afternoon

2 by a small or incomplete amount

  • - You can’t go halfway when you’re organising your papers. If you don’t finish you will soon have another mess in your office!

meet someone half way

- make an agreement that partly satisfies the demands of both sides

  • - I want $200 and you offer $100. Meet me halfway at $150 and it’s yours.

Meet trouble halfway

- worry before it is necessary

  • - “ Your mother hasn’t phoned, do you think she’s got a problem. Should I phone the police?”
  • “Hey, hey You always try to meet trouble halfway! If there was something wrong, her neighbour would have phoned us!”


Not have 2 halfpennies to rub together

very poor

  • - John Cumbledaire lost his house and all his money and now he has to go to soup kitchens for food because he doesn’t have two halfpennies to rub together.

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